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Updated: May 22, 2023

As you may know, CMS will be mandating OAS CAHPS for Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASCs) and Hospital Outpatient Departments (HOPDs) soon. In this blog, we are providing vital information for you to know as you search for the right vendor.

Definition of OAS CAHPS - eligible facility

HOPD: A unit of a hospital whose primary focus is to perform outpatient surgeries and procedures, is Medicare-certified, has a CMS Certification Number (CCN), and bills CMS under the Outpatient Prospective Payment System (OPPS).

ASC: A freestanding medical facility that performs outpatient surgeries and procedures, is Medicare-certified, has a CCN, and meets the general conditions and requirements in accordance with 42 CFR 416 subpart B.

Who is encouraged or mandated to participate?

Is there a punishment for not participating when it becomes mandatory?

What are the benefits of starting OAS CAHPS before it's required?

What is the purpose for the OAS CAHPS Survey?

What type of survey methodologies are approved for the mandated CMS CAHPS programs?

What types of questions are contained in the OAS CAHPS survey?

Are we allowed to add other questions to the survey?

Are real time reports available to the client partner at no additional cost?

Is raw data available for download at no additional cost to the client partner in real time?

Are there additional costs for reporting data to CMS to ensure compliance with CMS program mandates?

J.L. Morgan and Associates is a proud CMS-approved vendor conducting OAS CAHPS surveys across varied methodologies. Contact Kristi Burgess at with any questions about OAS CAHPS. She will be happy to help you!

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