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J.L. Morgan & Associates, Inc. has been a CMS-approved CAHPS survey vendor since 2005. We strive to be innovated and leaders in the healthcare field. Our database HCAHPS averages 10 to 12% higher than the national average.


(Outpatient Ambulatory Surgery or Services)

J.L. Morgan is proud to be recognized as a CMS approved vendor for Outpatient Ambulatory Surgery or Services (OAS). Our survey covers various aspects of patient experience, including their surgery or procedure, check-in process, staff communication and responsiveness, facility cleanliness, and discharge process. We conduct this survey to gather feedback from patients, aiming to enhance their outcomes and contribute to the improvement of our services as a company.

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  • OAS CAHPS Protocols and Guidelines – The most recent is version 8.0 from November 2023.

  • Proposed Rule for Calendar Year 2023– (IMPORTANT UPDATE)  Announced on July 22 of 2022 from OAS CAHPS website. CMS has issued the mandates for participation. Effective January 2024 participation is required of HOPDs, (Hospital Based Outpatient Departments). Effective January 2025, all ASCs, (Ambulatory Surgery Centers) will be required to participate

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