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2023 Patient Experience Week

Today is the start of Patient Experience Week! The Beryl Institute started this celebration to celebrate and show appreciation to healthcare professionals who work hard day in and day out to make the patient experience extraordinary. Just like Beryl Institute, we will be celebrating all the healthcare staff that is continuously impacting the patient's experience every day.

Celebrating Patient Experience Week is also a way to boost the morale of your nurses, physicians and the rest of your staff who work really hard who go the extra mile to make patients more comfortable, safer and healthier.

We will be doing many things to celebrate this week. We will be posting on our social media, meeting clients, and reaching out to clients to show them how much we appreciate them. We will also be delivering surprises to some of our clients to show our appreciation and gratitude to their healthcare staff for their dedication to the patient experience.

We see how important the patient's experience is. Every patient matters. We understand how everyone plays a role when it comes to improving the patient experience. We want to thank all our clients for being so dedicated to improving your patient's experience.

Thank you,

J.L. Morgan and Associates

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