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2023 Nurses and Hospital Week

This week we are celebrating National Hospital and Nurses Week for 2023. Every year hospitals and healthcare systems across the nation celebrate National Hospital and Nurses Week, as a way to recognize the important roles hospitals and nurses play in our communities and, most importantly, to celebrate EVERY person essential to making our healthcare facilities successful.

J.L. Morgan offers our appreciation and respect for the incredible work that healthcare professionals do every day while caring for patients. We will be posting on our social media throughout the week to celebrate both Hospital and Nurses Week.

In our eyes as a CMS CAHPS vendor, we see the important role of each team member within their healthcare organization. The success of any hospital is dependent on the hard work of the devoted and dedicated hospital staff.

From the many frontline workers, physicians, providers, nurses, aides, emergency staff, therapists, pharmacy workers, lab staff, and many others who provide compassionate care to your patients, we THANK YOU. The work you do is no easy feat, but you pull it off with professionalism, compassion, and commitment to your both patients and your facility.


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