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ReefPoint Group partners with J.L. Morgan and Assoicates, Inc.

We're thrilled to announce our partnership with ReefPoint Group, a collaboration dedicated to improving the lives and healthcare of our nation's veterans. Together, we share a common vision with ReefPoint Group, one that envisions healthcare as seamless, proactive, and deeply personalized. At J.L. Morgan and Associates specializes in human clinical interaction with all patients to help improve and ensure those patients (veterans) have positive healthcare outcomes. Our clinical professionals are experts in providing personalized care, ensuring that each veteran receives the human touch they deserve. The clinical experts at JL Morgan and Associates engage with patients, offering real-time personalized medical assessments right after their service or utilization of healthcare services. These assessments deliver an instant human connection and provide essential information that enhances the overall healthcare experience in a positive way and outcome.

This partnership represents a significant milestone in our journey to enhance veterans' lives through improved healthcare services. J.L. Morgan and Associates, Inc. and ReefPoint Group are committed to empowering our veterans and transforming healthcare for the better.

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