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Our Services

Our company is well seasoned in conducting HCAHPS, HHCAHPS, OAS CAHPS, Patient Satisfaction, Employee Morale, Discharge Outcome, and Culture of Safety surveys. We will soon be welcoming OAS DO surveys starting in 2023. J.L. Morgan & Associates, Inc. operates with multiple surveyors and managers specializing in each area while maintaining an audit and data department to ensure the quality of care for our client hospitals. We are experiencing rapid growth and intend to be the leader in our industry.


Vendors must be certified by CMS to conduct these surveys on the hospital’s behalf. J.L. Morgan & Associates, Inc. is a CMS-approved survey vendor which utilizes the telephone mode for conducting surveys. We feel this provides a more “personal touch” to the process versus mail or auto-dialer methods.

J.L. Morgan conducts the following CAHPS surveys;

  • CGCAHPS (Provider)
  • HCAHPS (Hospital)
  • HHCAHPS (Home Health)
  • OAS CAHPS (Outpatient/Ambulatory)
  • ED CAHPS (Emergency Department)

J. L. Morgan & Associates, Inc. Discharge Outcome Program will attempt survey contact of 100% of the hospital’s “Inpatient” discharged patients within 24 – 48 hours post discharge. Our medically trained staff, mostly comprised of RN’s and LPN’s will assess the patient’s compliance with discharge orders, medication regimen, physician office follow up, along with accessing the patient’s satisfaction with the quality of care provided while under inpatient care. Should a patient be deemed “non-compliant” in any Preventative Care area, the hospital will be immediately contacted via an “alert email”.


J. L. Morgan can provide a number of services for your Human Resources department as well:

  • Employee Seperation
  • Employee Morale
  • Culture of Safety

If you don’t see what you are looking for, J. L. Morgan can also customize any survey to meet your expectations.